Eight Minutes 八分钟

I’ve always been entangled in contradictory things such as myself and others,being and seeing,decline and disappear.For me,I never recognize me as a better storyteller than a tree or a strip of towel.Since languages and gestures are just pure medium between sending and receiving,both of which are easily influenced by subjective consciousness, misunderstanding can not be avoided.Therefore, every person(or object)is so independent and free, but with desperation and weakness.In Being and Time, Heidegger written, things can show themselves only if we do not attempt to put them into the box of the ideas we make.I tried to look on things objectively, thus to observe their existence, their loneliness. However, this is an attempt that can never be achieved, for the reason that it is impossible to confirm whether the loneliness of an object is showing by my objective observing or under my subjective helpless view.

After the sun explodes, we can still feel its light and warmth for eight minutes, afterwards the world will be as dark as dead.Before the dark(death),we live in the afterglow with trepidation and loneliness.